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Choose the right antenna for your Helium Miner / IoT solution. RAKwireless has high performance rubber duck antenna with RP-SMA connector. You can select the right frequency band for application. These antennas are compatible to RAKwireless products such as WisGate Developer, WisDuo, IoT boards, and Helium Miners.

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RakWireless is located in China, all shipments are sent from the manufacture direct via Fedex, DHL depending on country/region.

What’s Available:

-3dBi Fiberglass Antenna
-5.8dBi Fiberglass Antenna Bundle
-5.8dBi Fiberglass Antenna
-8dBi Fiberglass Antenna Bundle
-8dBi Fiberglass Antenna

Price Range: $27-$140 depending on dBI and bundle

Bundle 1

  • 2pcs Antenna
  • 2pcs Pigtail interface converter
  • 4pcs Mounting Brackets

Bundle 2

  • 1pc Antenna
  • 1pc Antenna Magnetic Base
  • 1pc Pigtail interface converter
  • 2pc Mounting Brackets

Bundle 3

  • 2pcs Antenna
  • 2pcs Antena Magnetic Base
  • 2pcs Pigtail interface converter
  • 4pcs Mounting Brackets

Connector Options

  • IPEX: Small connector found on our concentrator cards like the RAK2287
  • RP-SMA: Connector found on our commercial and developer gateways, RAK Hotspot Miner and Helium™ Hotspot

Product Features

Gain3 / 5.8 / 8.0 dBi (±1dBi)3 / 5.8 / 8.0 dBi
Beamwidth360 degrees360 degrees
Impedance50 Ohms50 Ohms
Radome BodyFiberglassFiberglass
Connector TypeN-Type MaleN-Type Male
Antenna Dimensions1300 ± 15mm900 ± 25mm
Operation Temperature-30°C~65°C-30°C~65°C
Storage Temperatures-30°C~75°C-30°C~75°C

Which Antenna Should Is Best?

There is no easy answer. Every setup/location relies on the neighboring setup, meaning trees, tall buildings, urban/city, number of miners near you.

To better understand which type you need, please take a look at the image below depicting the different dBI signal coverages.

2dbi = wide, short range at 360°

5dbi = narrow, medium range at 40°

7dbi = a bit more narrow at greater distance at 30° (most likely to skip closer witnesses)

9dbi+ = furthest distance at 25°, not wide (most likely to skip closer witnesses)

The lower the gain, the better the coverage, at 2dbi, you get 360° coverage, but at 5dbi, it drops down to 40° then 7dbi is 30°.

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